Topple and Build

Domino Effect: Build and Topple is a sandbox game for domino topplers. Create amazing domino toppling creations in an intuitive and easy to use interface. After completed you'll be able to save your work and have the option to share it with others.

There are several tools to aid in the construction of your domino toppling masterpiece. You can place dominoes one-by-one in areas that require precise placement or create multiple dominoes in a line, semicircular, or circular shape. You can also duplicate selected dominoes, which allows for building complex domino creations in no time.

By combining these tools, the only limits to what you can build will be your imagination. You have unlimited dominoes at your disposal to build whatever you want.

With the topple tool selected, you can pick any domino to topple and watch the awesome domino effect that follows. After toppling the dominoes, you can reset the simulation and watch the domino effect again with just one click.



Unlimited Dominoes Realistic Physics Domino Tools Share Online Easy To Use

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