About Us

We are a small company (one-man team) that have been making games since 2012. Our most popular games have been 'Logos Quiz' which has sold over 100,000 copies and 'Whose Price is Right?' which had over 300,000 downloads. There is nothing more rewarding than creating things that other people can enjoy. We don't just make games, we have also launched anything from nutritional information apps to pressure cooker recipes to a multiplayer drawing board.


Wilmar Siqueira

Wilmar Siqueira started his humble career parking cars in Miami, Florida at the age of 16. In-between parking cars, all he thought about was building websites. He spent his spare time with his face in front of the gleam of a CRT monitor. Slowly his noobish programming skills started to improve and compilers stopped nagging about his code. One day he dreamt that Google had built a headquarters in Miami. It was only a dream and software related jobs in Miami was hard to find. At 21, he got in the car that his mother gave him and set out for California without any plans of ever coming back. Within the first week he found a job as a Junior Front-End Developer programming java servlets and javascript html code. It was a new experience that raised the level of expectation and pace of how websites were created. He also realized that e-commerce was a much better business to be in than earning tips for parking cars. In 2012 he made the shift from websites to mobile apps with the launch of a game called 'Bug Fallz'. There was high hopes for the game, but after three hard months of development the game got less than ten downloads. Not the one to give up easily, he continued making apps. 'Whose Price is Right?' was developed while he was living on a farm in Brasil. He currently lives in Brasil where the currency exchange rate makes it possible for him to live off his repetoire of games. For some weird reason he spends a lot of time reading stuff related to investment, reading fiction, and playing the recorder. He doesn't know whether he found nilio or nilio found him.